Tuesday 17 Oct 2017
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My Cheap Audio Mastering Services GUARANTEED
Automated Preset Instant
Online Mastering!! HA!

Every year since 2009, several hundred clients from around the world turn to Radio Ready Mastering for all of their music mastering needs!

High-quality results at only $15/song, and top notch customer service makes my studio one of the top online mastering studios in the world!

I will give your project the attention it deserves with AMAZING results!


NO MIXING - Mastering only!

Note: Mastering is ONE file per song. 
Example, 10 songs mastered = 10 files total.

My Rates

Song Mastering - Only $15 Per Song
One revision per song is free. $5 per revision after that.

 Full CD Mastering (up to 15 songs) - Only $149!

Master Your Entire CD Only $9.99!!! 

 Physical CD Master - $25 US, $35 International


Get Started!

My goal is to make working with Radio Ready Mastering a great experience for you.  If you have any questions at all, never hesitate to email me.

Music Mastering Process

When it comes to the music mastering process, I cover all bases.  Music mastering is 80% knowledge/experience, and 20% equipment/gear.  I have a lot of both!!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

My money back guarantee is quite simple.  After I finish your project and administer your revisions requests, if you're still not happy with it, I will refund your payment (less any approved songs).  Note - Unless of course you go over 30 days.

Client Testimonials