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Cheap Audio Mastering Studio is a professional online mixing and mastering service located in Los Angeles. We are a U.S. online studio.

Are you ready to release your music to Spotify, Beatstars, Itunes, Record Labels, Producers, DJ’s, etc. but you’re not 100% sure it’s ready?

Or maybe you’re an artist so focused on creating great music and songs, you don’t have time to learning pro mixing and mastering.  You’re an artist, not an audio engineer!

Whatever situation you’re in, your music must sound professional and radio ready, if you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed!

An “experienced” professional mixing and mastering audio engineer, that will personally work with you, is what you need to achieve this.  It’s also what we provide here at Cheap Audio Mastering.

Take the guesswork out of the process and let us help you get your project ready for major release.  Let’s get started this week!

Since 2012, Brett Anderson has provided high quality and super affordable online mixing and mastering services to over 5,000 clients all over the world, in all styles of music.

He has worked with many major labels down to bedroom studios. EVERY client gets the same AMAZING results.

Our Los Angeles studio is loaded with top gear and software, combined with our experience and great client communication assures you of an outstanding stress-free finished project.

Brett works closely with every client (and as an added bonus) if there’s a problem with your mix, he will email you details on how to easily correct it.

You focus on “making” great music, and we’ll do the rest!

Lowest Rates online for "REAL" Pro Services

Don’t let my LOW prices fool you.  I’m an experienced pro and will do a great job for you! 


Elite pro quality for less $$$
$ 4 per STEM
  • 3 Free Revisons ($5 each therafter)
  • A Spacious, Clean, Pro Mix!
  • 3-5 Business Days


You'll be AMAZED what we can do!
$ 15 per SONG
  • 3 Free Revisons ($5 each therafter)
  • Great mastering at ANY price!
  • 2-3 Business Days


Pro quality ACX approved.
$ 2
per audio MINUTE
  • Full Editing
  • ACX Ready Mastering
  • 5-7 Business Days

If you’re not happy with your initial partial Master, let me know and you get a 100% refund.
Note – Mixing & Mastering projects, there’s a 50% non refundable labor fee. You can start with one song if you like.  If you have any questions at all, never hesitate to email me.

Before & After Client Samples

Here are a few before and after samples from the thousands of clients I’ve worked with the past 15 years. As a pro engineer, whatever the client submits (muffled, low volume, no clarity) I have to do what it takes to produce high radio quality results.

Customer Email Testimonials (swipe left)

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I usually use local studios for my mastering, but lately haven’t been happy with the results. My friends told me you can’t master music online, you have to be in the same room with the engineer. They were wrong. Brett was amazing! Communication was great and I’m very happy with the results. Thanks again!
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Where do I start? You blew everyone in the band away with this one! Your separation mastering gave everything in the mix more space. The overall clarity brings out sounds we never even heard in the original mixes. We’re definitely telling everyone we know about Cheap Audio Mastering!
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Hi Brett. I own a recording studio and I’ve been using your mastering services for my clients the last few years. You’ve always met my deadlines and the masters are exceptional to say the least. ​
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I’m so happy I picked you guys. I didn’t know exactly what mastering would do for my songs but they sound 10x better!!! And thanks for putting up with all my questions. You did an outstanding job! Thank you thank you thank you!​
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I have a new CD coming your way next week, Brett. I loved the work you did on our last two albums. This one will be one of our best, and we would like no one else but you to master it.

Song Prep Quick Tips

  1. Most of you know, but mastering involves ONE single stereo interleaved file (.wav, .aiff, .mp3) per song.  48hz or 44.1hz and 16 or 24bit. If you’re sending more than one file, this is mixing.  Check out my mixing rates.

    2. Do not go over 0 level on any of your tracks or the main/stereo out.  -3 to -6 dbs from the top is fine.  Overall volume boost is done in mastering, not mixing.

    Your stereo mix should look something like this.


    NOT like this, over level and DISTORTED.


Surprisingly, many clients don’t know what mixing is.  I will address that first. 

Mixing is individual tracks (vocals, bass, guitar, etc.) mixed together to make a complete song (single stereo interleaved file).  You upload the individual tracks/stems and I mix and master them into a single song file. 

Stems are a single or combination of tracks.  Example –  One vocal track exported as one file is one stem.  If you mixed a few back vocals together and exported them as one stereo file, that’s also one stem.  Many Hip Hop artists send one stereo music file, and one vocal file.  That’s two stems.   

I charge only $4 per stem.  It’s up to you to decide which tracks to combine for your stems, if any.  You could send each instrument, and vocal track as single individual files.  Most do it this way.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your tracks/stems for mixing:

1. We do not work with pro tools, fl studio, cubase, etc. session files, only .wav, .aiff files, or MP3 files.

2. Export each files at 44.1 or 48kHz, and 16 or 24bit.  IMPORTANT – Each stem file must be exported from beginning to end, so when I import each one and start at 0:00 the entire song plays in sync.  Please, DO NOT upload a bunch of random .wav file clips from your DAW audio folder.

3. Do not go over 0 level and clip any of your tracks.

Your stems should look something like this.


NOT like this, over level and DISTORTED.


4. When recording vocals, use minimal compression and bass roll off (Hi pass no more than 100hz).  Or no bass roll off at all.  We will take care of it.  I don’t want the vocals thin and tinny.  We will roll off the bass as needed.

5. Vocal control is probably more important than compression.  If the vocalist mumbles through the verses and then screams +10db louder in the choruses, with their mouth 1/2 inch from the mic, no compressor can fix that.

6. If your vocal tracks are all over the map from a volume level standpoint, they need to be smoothed out.  Do a visual of the vocal tracks, highlight the offending areas, and then gain (or cut) as necessary.  If you don’t know how to do this, I will do it for you in the mixing process.

7. Should you export your tracks with effects?  If you have a favorite guitar distortion effect, a unique flange or chorus you really like that you KNOW you must have in the song, export the track with the effect on it.  This is very common. These effects don’t take up that much space in the mix either.  Adding vocal effects like autotune is also common.

Now, if it’s a huge reverb or delay, leave that to us.  Once you put these space eating effects in, we’re stuck with them and it limits what we can do.  

8.  EQing and hi-low pass filtering tracks are fine, but not to extremes.  You can leave all EQ to us too.  If you were to high pass filter your vocals @500hz, they’ll all be too thin,bright and useless.  Also, you eliminated the bass, so it can’t be boosted if needed.

9. Stereo tracks, like synths, should be uploaded as stereo interleaved files, not L & R mono files.  We can split them if needed.  Note: If we do split a stereo stem, it still counts as one stem when it comes to pricing.

10. Listen closely to every track for noise.  If there’s a hiss, something could be boosted too high.

11. If any tracks are too noisy and you can’t eliminate it, noise gate the track.  Make sure to add a little extra release time so you don’t cut off the audio tails.

12. You do not need to fade out each track.  We will fade the entire song at the end.

13. Limit your instrumentation with space in mind.  If your song has five guitars and three synths, all playing different melodies at the same time, it’s not going to work.  It may be correct melodically, but it will sound like a train-wreck when all playing together, leaving no room for the vocals either.  This is why no one ever does this!  

14. Most important once again, make sure when your tracks are exported and start at 0:00, they’re all in sync.  If even one track is early or late, its a time consuming process moving it up and back.

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Cheap Audio Mastering Services

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Why work with Cheap Audio Mastering?

why choose cheap audio mastering

1. I offer absolutely AMAZING prices considering you’re working with a very experienced engineer that will do a wonderful job on your project.  No presets or robots are used in the process.  Each song is mixed/mastered by me to perfection, one by one.

2. I’ve mixed and mastered over 5,000 songs since 2012 here in Los Angeles, and I have the passion and integrity to apply this experience to your project.  Unlike many online engineers who just bought their equipment and started mastering under a year ago!  Listen to some of my before and after samples.

3. We work together and get your music sounding great!  It’s a total no hassle and stress free experience.

4. The prices you see online, and what you’ve read about me and my studio are all true.  Surprisingly low rates, great results, no hidden fees, no up-selling or BS.  I’m here to deliver a great project to you.  Let’s get started so you can hear for yourself. 

5. Projects are finished in 2-3 business days.  24-hour rush service also available for $15 extra per song (mastering only).

More About Cheap Audio Mastering

About Me – Brett Anderson

Hi, I’m Brett Anderson, owner of Cheap Audio Mastering, located in Los Angeles, California.  Open since 2012.

I started my career in 2002 working with John Rogers at JR mastering.  In 2012, I opened my own mixing and mastering studio in Southern California.  Since the start of my career, I’ve mastered several thousand songs in every style of music, podcasts and audio books.  I’ve worked with several Billboard chart toppers, Grammy winners and nominees. 

Be confident, that if you work with me, you’ll be working with a highly experienced sound engineer that not only pays close attention to detail but is here to answer any questions you might have, big or small.  I’m the only sound engineer at my studio, and we will work together to achieve a professional radio ready sound for your project.  That includes mixing advice to correct your mix, if needed (this applies to audio mastering clients).  

Let ME do an AMAZING job for you, at a VERY affordable price.  I’m very good at what I do, and I can’t wait to start working with you!

Cheap Audio Mastering Studio Gear List

Getting your project sounding its best starts with the studio.  This is why I spent so much time making it acoustically solid, and I loaded it with top of the line gear. 

All cables, effects processors, monitors, my audio interface, my i7 computer and software are world-class. 

The combination of a great studio design and premium gear gives me an amazing listening environment, and the ability to deliver commercial radio quality results.  And I will!

I use a combination analog and digital equipment which includes –

  • Pro tools
  • Manley
  • Midas
  • Motu
  • TC Electronics
  • SSL
  • UAD
  • Waves
  • Genelec
  • Yamaha
  • Waves
  • AKG

But remember, you can have the best studio and equipment ever made, but if it’s in the hands of a poor inexperienced sound engineer, the gear is completely useless.  Your project results will be garbage, regardless of the gear used.  He doesn’t know how to use it!

Let me show you the results a pro sound engineer using top studio gear can achieve with your music.  Let’s take your project to the next level this week!

My Song Mixing Service Process

All songs are professionally mixed (effects, EQ, panning, track levels, compression, etc) according their genre.  I do everything that needs to be done in the mixing process.  There’s no need to add effects to your tracks unless there’s an effect you 100% know you want to use (because I can’t remove it later).  Note – Electric guitar tracks are the exception.  Clients always add their favorite guitar effects.  Also, adding Autotune or Melodyne to a vocal track is also common.  I offer manual vocal pitch correction for an extra charge.

Your songs will be mixed so they have professional clarity, space, clean vocals, and proper brightness and bass for your genre.  Different effects are artistically used within each segment of your songs to keep them interesting, just like pro mixes on the radio.  I do not use one vocal effect for the entire song, like most online sound engineers do.

I charge only $4/stem for mixing and mastering is $15.  Once the mix/master is finished, just let me know of any preference adjustments like vocals a little louder, bring the synth down a bit, etc.  Note – Most clients request only one revision with a handful of adjustments.  You get three revisions sets free.  After that it’s only $5 each set.

I work with you one-on-one and we get your project sounding right.  You won’t be disappointed.  Note – If you have a large project, we can always start with only one song. 

My Audio Mastering Service Process

Audio mastering is the final series of effects processes that brings your mix as close as possible to a commercial radio quality song.  Of course “how close” depends on the mix you submit.  Note – If there’s a major problem with your mix, I will let you know how to fix it, so we can get the best mastering results possible.

First, I evaluate your songs.  Then I determine which processes (and how much) need to be applied to each song.  After this process, your finished masters will be as close as possible industry standard quality, ready for official release to the world!  

Based on your style of music, your songs have to be mastered so they have the proper amount of bass volume & thickness, brightness, the right amount of compression to smooth out the song (without compromising its integrity), nice stereo width, of course proper EQ and spectral enhancing for added clarity, separation and punch, and your overall volume (without distortion) has to be comparable to commercial songs within the same genre.  When someone plays your songs after hearing a commercial song, the overall volumes absolutely MUST be the same.  A few DBs too low and it will be painfully obvious to the listener that it’s an amateur project.

I charge only $15/song for audio mastering.  If you need a preference adjustment or would like to upload a new mix for mastering, you get two free.  After that it’s only $5 each.

Note – Your songs are mastered by me, one by one, no presets.  Like every song on the radio was mastered.  You can’t get the same quality by having your entire CD mastered for only $9 by an auto preset mastering site.  Each song a client submits from their CD has subtle (and sometimes big) differences.  Preset software can’t adjust from song to song and make your CD sound consistent.  That’s why it’s only $9!  Let me give your entire CD project that professional flow from song to song.  Your music deserves it!

The Music Production Secrets Series

Or, if you would like to learn yourself, here’s your best bet.  Written by John Rogers, the man I learned from!  Step-by-step details on how to correct mixing errors and master your songs.  Professional sound engineer John Rogers, Audio Mastering Secrets was the best selling Audio Mastering book in 2021 & 2020.  Song Mixing Secrets wasn’t too far behind either. 

I’ve read online so many times, “How long does it take to learn mixing and mastering?”  Well, you can GREATLY reduce your learning curve time by getting 20+ years of proper Mixing & Mastering training from someone who’s already done it.  And, you can get all this information in your hands in a matter of minutes!  Isn’t your career worth the price of a pizza (that’s floating down the sewer system the next day)?

Click on each book for more details.  Note – Prices listed are for the ebook.  Paperback copies cost 2-4x more.

Visit the website – Audio Mastering Secrets

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Cheap Audio Mastering is a mixing and mastering service and a recording studio resource.  They are not endorsed by or affiliated with and of the trademark owner.

At only $15 per song my rates are MUCH cheaper than mixing and mastering services like Sage Audio, Audio Mixing Mastering, Abbey Road, Mike’s Mix And Master, Major Mixing, and Abbey Road.  Also, check out the Best Music Production Services for 2023.  Need Free Audio Mastering visit JR Mastering, or read their Music Production Blog.

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