Sunday 22 Oct 2017
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Best Mastering Technique Articles

Here's a list of the best audio mastering technique articles written by John Rogers of JR Mastering.  I used to work with John in the early 2000's.  Enjoy!

What Does Mastering Do To A Track?
Exactly what does the mastering process do?

Does My Song Need To Be Mastered?
Why even get your song mastered?

What Is Headroom In Mixing?
The definition of headroom.

Why Leave Headroom For Mastering?
And what happens if you don't!

Headroom For Mastering
How much headroom do you really need?

Mastering For Radio
Does radio ready mastering really exist?

Should I Go To School For Mastering Engineering?
Is schooling really needed to be a great engineer?

Prepare Mix For Mastering
Here's all you need to know to get your mix ready.

How To Master Audio
Basic tips to master your audio.

How Do You Calibrate Speakers?
Properly calibrating your speakers is an absolute must!

Monitor Placement For Your DAW Home Recording Studio
Where to place your monitors for optimum playback.

Recording Studio Sound Proofing
Do you need to soundproof your room?

Best Size Room For Your Recording Studio
Which size is best for you daw home recording studio.


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