How to Learn Mixing & Mastering Faster

What's the fastest way to learn Mixing & Mastering?

The fastest way to learn mixing and mastering is to work side by side with a talented pro sound engineer who has worked with 1000’s of paying clients.  Also, you would have to be able to ask him why and how he is doing things.  Then of course, you have to work with at least 500 paying clients and the pro engineer would have to critique your work.  If you could do this, you would be proficient in 6 months, or at least better than 80% of the sound engineers online.  Of course this is not an option for you, but keep reading and I will give you YOUR BEST option.

Why do you mention working with "paid" clients?

It’s important to have vast experience with paid clients because “Money Talks.”  Paid clients will tell you EXACTLY what you are doing wrong, and what you are doing right with their music.  And if you’re really bad, they will add the F word to their comments.  You learn from this experience if you heed their advice.  When your first five paying rock clients tell you the guitars aren’t bright enough, you learn and adjust where the brightness needs to be.  And now you never have this problem again.

Now, if all your experience is your music and it’s critiqued  by family, friends, and FB groups, the FB groups will like you without even listening, your Friends will say you’re great, your Grandma will say you’re AMAZING (I’ve actually had someone tell me this) and your Mom will tell you to get a real job! Lol!

THIS is why paid feedback is important.  IT’S REALITY and can be used to improve your skills.

So, how can YOU learn how to quickly Mix and Mastering professionally?

Like I mentioned earlier, sitting next to a pro engineer for six months isn’t an option for most.  I had this luxury.  I sat side by side with John Rogers from for three months before working with him on paid clients for 3 years.  Then I opened this website, Cheap Audio Mastering.

Since John doesn’t have paid sit-ins, he wrote a series of books that details everything he’s learned since 1999.  You’ll be learning from a pro who has the paid client experience I’ve mentioned, and he can pass this knowledge on to you.

I HIGHLY recommend you checking out what John has to offer, below.

Cut your learning time down with CORRECT information that has proven results with thousands of clients.

The Music Production Secrets Series

Or, if you would like to learn yourself, here’s your best bet.  Written by John Rogers, the man I learned from!  Step-by-step details on how to correct mixing errors and master your songs.  Professional sound engineer John Rogers, Audio Mastering Secrets was the best selling Audio Mastering book in 2021 & 2020.  Song Mixing Secrets wasn’t too far behind either. 

I’ve read online so many times, “How long does it take to learn mixing and mastering?”  Well, you can GREATLY reduce your learning curve time by getting 20+ years of proper Mixing & Mastering training from someone who’s already done it.  And, you can get all this information in your hands in a matter of minutes!  Isn’t your career worth the price of a pizza (that’s floating down the sewer system the next day)?

Click on each book for more details.  Note – Prices listed are for the ebook.  Paperback copies cost 2-4x more.