Cheap Audio Mastering Reviews

Here are a few email reviews I’ve received from my clients.

I love audio engineering, and whether you’re a major label or a home studio artist, I give every project the time needed to make it sound the very best it can.

Check out my before and after samples on this page.  Hear for yourself what I can do for your music.

I usually use local studios for my mastering, but lately haven’t been happy with the results. My friends told me you can’t master music online, you have to be in the same room with the engineer. They were wrong.  Brett was amazing!  Communication was great and I’m very happy with the results. Thanks again!

Terry Thompson

Where do I start? You blew everyone in the band away with this one! Your separation mastering gave everything in the mix more space. The overall clarity brings out sounds we never even heard in the original mixes. We’re definitely telling everyone we know about Cheap Audio Mastering!

Bad Axe


John Huddleston

Hi Brett. I own a recording studio and I’ve been using your mastering services for my clients the last few years. You’ve always met my deadlines and the masters are exceptional to say the least. 

Tom Clauson

I’m so happy I picked you guys. I didn’t know exactly what mastering would do for my songs but they sound 10x better!!! And thanks for putting up with all my questions. You did an outstanding job! Thank you thank you thank you!

Deanna Falls

Keep up the great work, and I’ll be coming back for many more years to come.

Day & Night Recording Studio

I have a new CD coming your way next week, Brett. I loved the work you did on our last two albums. This one will be one of our best, and we would like no one else but you to master it!

Gary Charles