Starting in January 2020, I am offering a payment plan on 10-14 song mastering projects.  3 easy payments of $50.

How it works is you upload your songs like usual, but this time you have the option to choose my 10-14 song mastering package, and make 3 monthly payments of $50. 

Hit the subscription button and make your initial $50 payment.  A month later $50 will be automatically deducted from the card you used, and in another month the final payment will be deducted. So, you have 2 full months to pay for your project. This way you can release it quicker, and start making money ASAP!

Your project will be mastered by me, “real/live” top professional mastering engineer (no auto preset software), at a lower initial cost. And from song to song, your project will sound consistently excellent!!

Note - Currently only 10-14 song mastering projects are available for the payment plan. If you have another typr of project you would like to split into payments, email me the details and we can work something out.

See - The middle of my home page to start a project or email me if you need help or have any questions.

Thanks!  I wish you the very best with your music!


Before And After Samples

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