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Welcome to Cheap Audio Mastering!

Here are a few details about our R&B Mixing and Mastering Services work. 

R&B is in a class of its own and it needed it needed its own page to explain what all goes into our mixing and mastering of it.

Check out the site, listen to the samples, and get a feel for what we will do for your music!

Honestly, R&B isn’t a genre that comes in a lot percentage wise.  But, when you’ve worked on thousands and thousands of songs like I have, since 2012, I’ve worked on at least 500 R&B songs.  I will get your music right for you!

I like to keep my R&B mixes clear but soft and smooth.  I like a full bass that fills the low end of the song out.

R&B reference artists I like to follow, Luther, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Mary J. Blige,  John Legend, Boyz to Men, there are so many amazing R&B artists.  I listen to what the client submits and infuse what I feel gives the song that star quality that it deserves. 

I’ve been in this game a very long time, and have more experience than 90% of the sound engineers you will find online, and I charge 75% less than most!  Scroll down, listen to my samples and you be the judge.  Why waste a bunch of money with someone else, when I can do a better job for you?   

I can’t wait to get started on your project!

How Much Does R&B Mastering Cost?

R&B Mastering costs $15.  We’re cheaper than most, but you’ll find our quality to be better!

How Much Does R&B Mixing Cost?

R&B Mixing costs $40.  This is for a 10 stem mix.  75% of my work over the past two years has been mixing, and most of those clients are repeat customers.  I’m very good at R&B Mixing and Mastering and will do a great job for you.  Don’t pay someone else $250-$400 and get back trash!


Elite pro quality for less $$$
$ 4 per STEM
  • 3 Free Revisons ($5 each therafter)
  • A Spacious, Clean, Pro Mix!
  • 3-5 Business Days


You'll be AMAZED what we can do!
$ 15 per SONG
  • 3 Free Revisons ($5 each therafter)
  • Great mastering at ANY price!
  • 2-3 Business Days


Pro quality ACX approved.
$ 2
per audio MINUTE
  • Full Editing
  • ACX Ready Mastering
  • 5-7 Business Days

If you’re not happy with your initial partial Master, let me know and you get a 100% refund.
Note – Mixing & Mastering projects, there’s a 50% non refundable labor fee. You can start with one song if you like.  If you have any questions at all, never hesitate to email me.

My R&B Before and After Samples

pro sound engineer

Why should you let Cheap Audio Mastering work on your R&B project?

1. I offer absolutely AMAZING prices considering you’re working with a very experienced engineer that will do a wonderful job on your project.  No presets or robots are used in the process.  Each song is mixed/mastered by me to perfection, one by one.

2. We’ve mixed and mastered over 5,000 songs since 2012 here in Los Angeles, and I have the passion and integrity to apply this experience to your project.

3. We work together and get your music sounding great!  It’s a total no hassle and stress free experience.

4. The prices you see online, and what you’ve read about me and my studio are all true.  Surprisingly low rates, great results, no hidden fees, no up-selling or BS.  I’m here to deliver a great project to you.  Let’s get started so you can hear for yourself.

5. Projects are finished in 3-4 business days.  24-hour rush service also available for $15 extra per song (mastering only)

Preparing your R&B song for Mixing or Mastering


1. Most of you know, but mastering involves ONE single stereo interleaved file (.wav, .aiff, .mp3) per song.  48hz or 44.1hz and 16 or 24bit. If you’re sending more than one file, this is mixing.  Check out my mixing rates.

2. Do not go over 0 level on any of your tracks or the main/stereo out.  -3 to -6 dbs from the top is fine.  Overall volume boost is done in mastering, not mixing.



1. We do not work with pro tools, fl studio, cubase, etc. session files, only .wav, .aiff files, or MP3 files.

2. Export each files at 44.1 or 48kHz, and 16 or 24bit.  IMPORTANT – Each stem file must be exported from beginning to end, so when I import each one and start at 0:00 the entire song plays in sync.  Please, DO NOT upload a bunch of random .wav file clips from your DAW audio folder.

3. Do not go over 0 level and clip any of your tracks.

Since 2012, I’ve mixed and mastered hundreds of R&B songs, from many different countries and in several different languages.  Check out a small handful of my before and after R&B samples.

I’m a consummate professional, and I will make sure that every song not only sounds the best it can, but is consistent from song to song.  This is why you hire a human professional sound engineer.  Auto software CANNOT do this!

This is also the biggest difference you will find between a pro with vast experience and an amateur engineer.  With an amateur, one song will be too bright, one will be dull, bass  too high, then the bass is gone, and overall volumes will vary.  Their results from song to song will be all over the map, because they don’t understand what they’re trying to achieve to begin with.

How to find an R&B mixing and mastering engineer

Find out how long they’ve been a sound engineering, what companies have they worked for, and how do their samples sound?  If they have less than a year of experience, and their samples are poor (or they don’t even have any) obviously your results will be poor too.How could they not be?

And of course their rates.  If someone charges $500 to mix and master a song, and my work is better for $50, come on now.

I started Cheap Audio Mastering in 2012.  I worked with John Rogers at JR Mastering for several years before that. Listen to my R&B samples on this page.  And then Listen to all of the samples on my website.  Then you decide.

I’m excited to get started, and I will do a great job for you.  I will bring YOUR vision to life!

One of my favorite go to R&B reference tracks!

All Of Me.  This song is a little more current compared to the reference artists I mentioned earlier, but still a great song.  Soft and smooth, nice bass.  When I get you music to sound like this, you won’t have any complaints.

The Music Production Secrets Series

Or, if you would like to learn yourself, here’s your best bet.  Written by John Rogers, the man I learned from!  Step-by-step details on how to correct mixing errors and master your songs.  Professional sound engineer John Rogers, Audio Mastering Secrets was the best selling Audio Mastering book in 2021 & 2020.  Song Mixing Secrets wasn’t too far behind either. 

I’ve read online so many times, “How long does it take to learn mixing and mastering?”  Well, you can GREATLY reduce your learning curve time by getting 20+ years of proper Mixing & Mastering training from someone who’s already done it.  And, you can get all this information in your hands in a matter of minutes!  Isn’t your career worth the price of a pizza (that’s floating down the sewer system the next day)?

Click on each book for more details.  Note – Prices listed are for the ebook.  Paperback copies cost 2-4x more.

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