When it comes to mixing and mastering, as you know, every style and genre of music has its own set of sonic qualities and characteristics.  That being the case, we consider every genre of music a separate business and have create a page for each one so you know exactly what we can do for your style of music and a price comparison.

Choose your style!

The Music Production Secrets Series

Or, if you would like to learn yourself, here’s your best bet.  Written by John Rogers, the man I learned from!  Step-by-step details on how to correct mixing errors and master your songs.  Professional sound engineer John Rogers, Audio Mastering Secrets was the best selling Audio Mastering book in 2021 & 2020.  Song Mixing Secrets wasn’t too far behind either. 

I’ve read online so many times, “How long does it take to learn mixing and mastering?”  Well, you can GREATLY reduce your learning curve time by getting 20+ years of proper Mixing & Mastering training from someone who’s already done it.  And, you can get all this information in your hands in a matter of minutes!  Isn’t your career worth the price of a pizza (that’s floating down the sewer system the next day)?

Click on each book for more details.  Note – Prices listed are for the ebook.  Paperback copies cost 2-4x more.